Historiskt äventyr på Fredriksdal!

Henrik Wilhelmsson

If you have not already explored and enriched you with an experience of Fredriksdal, is probably no better way than to hang out with on a historical adventure in true theatrical style!

”Tax journey” , part of the Culture Card / entrance fee and starts at Fredriksdals  main entrance , takes you on a journey through time with the help of genuine storytelling. The wizard Augustus and a lovely crowd of actors, we learn how people lived and worked in Helsingborg during the last 300 years.

Large and small members in the audience carried away by funny stories and old everyday events today feels really exotic. Did you know that lice imported for manufacture of make-up in the 1700s, and used the garter to say yes to marriage proposals in the 1800s?

History walk around Fredriksdal also provides an opportunity to discover the forgotten buildings, such  Hedströms shop which used to be on South Main Street in the center of Helsingborg, and old-time breeds like the old days there were on farms but today largely is endangered. It is also popular to follow the animals’ living after leaving the park by the bloggers on Fredriksdals website.

Through our network, we sometimes question how to describe Fredriksdal for foreign visitors , and besides the wonderful environment that the park offers, I would say that you get an opportunity to take a step back in time and experience a completely different world in Helsingborg. As a Swedish man gets an opportunity to reflect on the great changes our society has gone through and how it affected our nature and our human habits. We Swedes are, after all, much more exotic than we often think!