Our Jewel in the Crown

Henrik Wilhelmsson


It was a real leap of faith moving here from the UK five years ago. We had planned to live in Lund to be near my husband’s work, but after a few months of unsuccessfully trying to find somewhere to live, we decided to look in Helsingborg. 


By luck, the first house we had found on the internet was still available for rent near Viken and after a quick viewing, my husband was very happy to take it. 


What we didn’t know then was how much we would come to love this attractive village. Our first visit revealed pretty white-washed timbered houses reminiscent of Brittany, with enough rambling roses, hollyhocks and lavender to make any English gardener happy, a few shops to serve our daily needs and sport clubs for all the family. 


Much as we enjoy Helsingborg’s restaurants and cafes, it’s Viken that we turn to when we want to sit out and relax, secure in the knowledge that the food and surroundings will be excellent. On these stunning summer evenings, nothing can beat the open-sky view at Strandsidan I Viken, the cliffs of Kullen in the distance and the best sunset in the area (the best fish and chips we have found in Sweden, too!). When we want top-quality “dagens” on a beautiful terrace or a cosy Friday night “After Work” in winter, we head for Vikens Hamnkrog, whilst the fresh décor of Galejan or great food and recent showings of the Wimbledon final and World Cup football at Barbord make fantastic choices too.


A walk around Viken will reveal World War 2 bunkers, hidden gardens, captain’s houses, a beautiful church and glorious coastline, much to absorb in one small area.


Beach huts and bathing, harbour and history, windmill and ice-creams, Viken has them all. We know that Helsingborg is the Pearl of the Sound, but for us, Viken is the Jewel in the Crown – it might just be time to get out your summer bus card and take the 220 northwards to check it out!